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Interventions that create Behavioral Transformation and lead to Systemic Change.

Organizations grow when people grow.
A key driver to business growth is building People Capability.

There are 3 key systems in an organization: the individual leader, the collective organization and the team.

The Individual leader

The Organization

The Team

The interaction between the 3 Systems

JSW has partnered with Reflexion on multiple projects for Learning and Development. We were so glad to have their expertise and experience along the way. The most distinguishing factor of Reflexion is the connect they establish with the participants. We really appreciate the rigour and depth of thought that was brought into all our programs .

Ajanta Chatterjee, Vice President - HR, JSW Group
We have partnered with Reflexion for more than 2 years now and we really appreciate their elite performance and facilitation in all the sessions.
What makes their magic is their execution and not just their ideation.
They handcrafted their programs, and we would say they are personal mastery expert, especially the way the conduct sessions on behavioral sciences and the group coaching.
Our team has shared wonderful feedback on the sessions and the way they received individual attention to enhance their skills.

Dr. Surekha S Nair, Director- HR, Eurofins
I am very happy to be a part of the leadership training organized by Reflexion in partnership with Eurofins. All the ten modules were very good and well framed and covered all the concepts to help us in our professional as well as personal lives. The small behavioral changes in areas such as time management and prioritization of work, as well as the group coaching sessions have helped a lot in changing our mindset. By being a part of these modules, I can see myself becoming a good leader.

Dr. Shalini Sharma, Asst. Manager, Vitamins Dept, Eurofins
Reflexion had conducted an extremely effective training for our team, which took the team through what a change might mean and how to win it together. What I really like about the session was that there were minimal slides or theoretical content, most of the training was through some very practical and engaging activities. They spent time with us understanding the context around why we were organising the training and the key messages we wanted to land. The design of the workshop was thus very customised to our needs which helped in driving home the messages. Both the trainers were very energetic and engaging, they connected well with the audience and poured in some good amount of humour to make it fun. I would highly recommend them for any such corporate workshops.

Meghna Agarwal, VP, Financial Controller, Diageo India
I have worked with Reflexion on multiple projects in the last couple of years and each one of them have been different, enriching and impactful. I particularly admire their ability to understand, conceptualize and contextualize the problem statements with ease. This ensures that the solutions are very well aligned to business needs and easily consumable for the target audience. These interactions with them have also been enriching for me as a professional as they bring in new perspectives and learnings while co creating the solutions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking at driving impact through an integrated approach to capability building.

Soumya Panigrahi, Global Head- Talent Management and OD, Brillio Technologies

Our Double Loop Learning creates sustainable impact

Reflexion approaches development as a behavioral science-based double-loop solution, creating change and new behaviors that sustain over time.
We focus on 3 elements - ‘Why’, ‘What’ as well as the ‘How’
Organization development and leadership initiatives often fail because their focus is on a single-loop process.

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