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The Power of Team Chemistry

At Reflexion, a core area of work is helping teams become more effective. How do people come together with different backgrounds & yet create chemistry as a team? How do people have healthy conversations? How can you create teams where everyone can speak their mind? Harmony is not about everyone saying the same thing, it is actually about the bringing all the diversity of the group into a common arena. How do you look at the power dynamics in the team and what makes the team tick? And finally, how do you create an environment where there is psychological safety for the team members? Suva connects all this in a TV-style interview.

The workplace of today - the Millennial mental health time bomb!

In a recent Deloitte survey, close to half (48%) of Gen Z and 44% of millennial respondents said they’re stressed all or most of the time. To work with millennials, leaders will need to understand them better. Here is a 4-factor model that helps you dive into the nuances of why the youth feel so pressured today and how leaders can relate better to his crucial community. Listen to Urvashi to get a more nuanced view about today’s youth.

A psychologist’s guide to managing anxiety - Tools for Millennials today

A recent SHRM survey reports that almost 31% of respondents are not comfortable with returning to physical offices. How do leaders think through this and understand the anxiety that everyone is going through? Employees are suffering. But as organizations, are we doing enough? Listen to Urvashi to get a deeper dive into these issues.

Life as an Adventure film - a Hero's Journey!

An entrepreneur’s life, seen through the lens of the Hero’s journey!The hero’s journey is about coming of age, moving from innocence to maturity and individuation. The concept of the hero’s journey is the legacy of Joseph Campbell, one of the great thinkers of our time. The framework has 12 phases of human development that you can connect with in your daily life. You can relate to them as a teenager, young adult, adult, entrepreneur, or manager. These stages give an overview of where you are. And this awareness can help you to be a more conscious leader. Ajay connects these concepts together in this TEDx Talk: Life as an adventure film.


We are responsible for our own lives!

We may reach a point in life where we feel like we’re stuck in a rut or just unfulfilled. We want to make the change but don’t know how. Traditionally our culture has meant we turn to our parents, uncles, aunts, friends who may or may not be qualified to guide us. We chat today with Samhita Borpujari, a certified life coach, specializing in working with teens and young adults. She guides them through their problems and supports them by providing them with tools to find solutions that work for them. A lifelong skill that helps them lead more fulfilled lives.

Listen to Samhita and discover how to make a small change in your life today that can have a positive impact on your life. We are all after all responsible for our own lives!

Process management for sales transformation.

Sales reps and teams are critical for company revenue and profitability but unfortunately, more often than not, they aren’t given the credit they deserve. Since they are often not physically present in the office and instead on the ‘field’, they tend to be a little disconnected from key people and processes.

This in the past has led to sales teams being stuck in their ways and not being able to change with the changing times.

Having said that, all of this has been slowly changing and a lot of transformation has been occurring in this field with the help of data, digital and tools & processes.

Tune into the latest episode of the Transformarketing podcast, featuring Suva Chattopadhyay as we discuss some key processes for sales transformation along with its importance.


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