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Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you.


At the center of the organizational pyramid is a critical layer of people managers. This layer is the confluence between leaders, employees, customers and execution.
Employee engagement, team performance, experience of the culture are relayed through the middle management – the people managers.
Teams thrive when team leader skills are good enough to relay the culture, leadership practices and performance expectations through to their teams.

Effective and Skilled People Managers are key to organizational success.
Reflexion, understanding the need of the hour, offers two programs.

First-time Managers Program:

Talented young managers need a jump-start with the essential skills to manage their teams. This 8-module leadership training program for managers covers core managerial behaviors to equip managers to work with their teams. They learn how to motivate their teams, set expectations, make tough decisions and build a positive team culture. This is a highly engaging, multi-modal and virtually run program that has received much critical acclaim.

Manager As a Coach

A coaching-oriented managerial style enhances the performance of teams. People managers who practice coaching can invest differently in the employees they lead; they build trust, encourage calculated risk and provide support rather than instruction. Reflexion’s 2-day Manager as a Coach program builds key skills and mindsets, encouraging people managers to practice coaching as a leadership style.


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