Leadership Journey Program

Leadership is not a state; it is a Journey.

The best leaders in the world today are rated not only on the basis of their financial performance, but also on environmental, social and governance aspects - a far more complete view of leaders and the impact that they create.

Our holistic program for leadership cohorts combines the best of facilitation, group coaching and behavioral science principles, including nudge theory. The Leadership journey runs for a few months and is multi-dimensional. A coaching program with themed facilitation ensures that there are concrete shifts and different types of leadership styles are experimented with.

Structure of the Leadership Journey Program

The Leadership Journey program progresses through 4 stages and is supported through facilitation, group and individual coaching and customized development plans.


Leading Self

The focus is on authentic leadership, working with each leader to deepen their self-awareness through an assessment. The leader gets in touch with their inner world (values), patterns and mindsets and uses this awareness for personal growth.


Leading People

Building an organizational culture that sustains productive teams across geographies, remote
working and time zones is all in a day’s work. This module delves into the connections that leaders have with their teams and the role they can play in shaping the ecosystem.


Inclusive Leadership 

Managing a multigenerational workforce is a current reality. This module helps leaders examine their openness to diverse views and their ability to take teams along as they make decisions.

Leading through Change 

This stage of the journey program prepares leaders for the critical role they play in managing change and bringing about new ways of working. Emotional intelligence, conflict management, critical thinking and role modelling are highlighted through this module.

Our customized leadership journey programs have been experienced by Britannia, Mobily Infotech, W, JSW and Arcolab with great success and engagement.


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