Leadership Journey Experience for a team in an Italian multi-national


How did Reflexion’s Leadership Journey experience change the dynamics of a leadership team?

The assignment was for a CXO team in India of a large manufacturing organization. The members of the team had a difficult working relationship with each other, had frequent disagreements and business was suffering. The requirement was to usher in practices that the leadership team could deploy to engage with each other, to neutralize the working environment and to ensure that business outcomes, which were already suffering, were turned around. 

The success story: The intervention started with leadership assessments using Hogan. An individual development plan was created for each leader. The Leadership Journey experience consisted of  facilitated sessions and group coaching. The process also included mid-point progress check and consistent reviewing and tracking of the intervention with the MD of the organization.

Impact from the intervention:
Awareness of development areas and emerging strengths
Shift from limiting mindsets to possibility mindsets
Shift from reactive to responsive behavior
Improved collaboration, synergy and connection with the board
Shift towards an appreciative culture

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