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The Leader as a Coach

Leaders have a variety of styles. Reflexion’s research suggests that the Autocratic style of leadership is commonly used at the workplace. Only 2% of participants had experienced coaching being used as a common leadership style. Often when leaders use the coaching style of leadership, they are very non-judgmental & become very active listeners. This webinar is a deep dive on what this style is about & how you can bring in a coaching style of leadership. A simple 3 step coaching model explains this in more detail.

How to unmask the true leader within you

Your core values are key to your authenticity. Leading with values & purpose inspires you & others. And when you dare to lead with your values you also start relating to a purpose larger than yourself. Even companies face the challenge of not being able to motivate their employees. In fact, research from Gallup show that 66% of worldwide employees are disengaged from their work. Authentic leadership is the way forward. Listen to Mette’s 7 step framework to unmask the leaders within you.


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