Creating Successful leadership transitions for Exeltis India using Lumina Spark


Business Need

Extelis had a new business strategy that was being implemented with a change in Leadership. The organisation wished to consolidate the business and bring in new processes. The leadership team was getting equipped to lead the changes and Urvashi and Suva, Lumina qualified leaders at Reflexion, initiated a Leadership Journey Program for them to be mission ready.
Learning Solution:
The Leadership Journey Program began with an assessment process, which was focused around using Lumina tools for this first phase of the program – ‘Leading Self’.
Lumina Spark helped the leaders understand themselves as well as their colleagues in depth. The 4 colours and 8 aspects became an easy-to-use language to appreciate how each leader can engage with others, improving self-awareness and awareness of colleagues.
The Lumina Splash app was extensively used to map each other, providing an interactive and highly visual way of engaging with Lumina Spark during the workshops and coaching sessions.
The self-awareness generated a growth mindset – what is working for them and what they need to do more of
Lumina Select was used for the hiring process
What outcomes did the client want to achieve?
Consistent business performance by adapting to new ways of working
Higher engagement- with attrition reduction
Improved alignment within the teams and alignment to the new business processes
Key Impacts
The 4-colour lens gave perspective and appreciation of others preferences, both with team members and customers. A board profiling from observable traits helped in understanding their own team members and critical customers.
The Leadership team showed higher engagement and inter divisional gaps were quickly bridged
70% productivity rise YTD for July business, despite rationalisation in team size.
The teams demonstrated consistent business results even during the second wave COVID. 10 % business growth in Q2 (Apr-Jun 2021)
A couple of possible exits from staff were prevented, because leaders came from a deeper understanding of their team members’ personality and were able to engage with them more meaningfully.
2 internal promotions within 6 months.
Resilience in giving and receiving feedback across the system, because the new shared language of Lumina Spark was scientific and non judgemental.
Applying Lumina Spark’s colours to predict customer preferences allowed better planning in speaking to doctors, helping in sales closures. For example, knowing when to share either data, or a vision with the doctor.
Extelis has started using Lumina Select for all critical mid management leadership roles
The Leadership team works better together with less conflict
Feedback and key impacts from participants
  1. Have seen substantial improvement in performance in first quarter from 2 immediate juniors.
  2. Getting new ideas from them for developing our build brands. (Especially 2 brands)
  3. Improvement in execution has been observed compared to last quarter. Teammates are stretching extra miles to bring up productivity.
  4. Practiced green colour traits with Hyderabad ZBM and productivity is increased.
  5. My Region has achieved 108% Q1 Cumulative Target.
  6. We have started to profile doctors that we visit. We understand what kind of information would be preferred for the doctor based on their inherent colour. We prepare the teams to interact with the doctor accordingly. In the process, several short expiry stocks got liquidated (which surely would have come back as expired returned stock)
  7. Out of the 6 areas under my team member, 3 have achieved their monthly budget and the other 2 have reached a figure we did not expect. This has resulted in 80% and more achievement from the region compared to 60% over the previous 2 months.
  8. After team coaching based on Lumina Spark my team members started looking at incentive data together in an open Excel format that was visible to the whole team. This data centric approach using blue energy, combined with some health competitiveness, resulted in 9 out of 15 team members receiving their incentives.

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