Corporate Wellness

“To truly build a more resilient workforce and rebuild the economy in 2021 and beyond, employers should prioritize well-being, which is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Businesses should treat well-being as a tangible skill, a critical business input, and a measurable outcome”


Make well-being a competitive advantage

In this age of uncertainty, resilience is required for success. Interventions are required at both the individual & the organization levels.

This is why many organizations want to equip their employees with skills and techniques that would enable them to be resourceful through the current times.

Our Wellness initiatives focus on simple learnings that can be applied by employees themselves and a focused training for people managers who have a far more complex challenge to navigate.


The Corporate Wellness Programs

Enable employees
To take charge of their own well-being
To recognize and regulate their emotions
To be resourceful in crisis
To support people around them – teams as well as families
To build simple daily practices into routines

Our Offerings

People Managers

Skills and management tools to equip managers to lead effectively in current times

This 2-part program helps employees:

To recognize emotions in team members
To manage emotions: Anxiety, sadness, grief and stress using the Moodmeter – a wellness tool from Yale University
Resilience for Employees

Taking charge of emotional wellness and deploying simple techniques for well-being

This 1-hour program enables employees:

To understand what is emotional wellness
To recognize and regulate emotions
To have compassion – for self and others
To work through our negative thoughts
Mindfulness & Yoga

Anytime, Anywhere practices for workers, rooted in yoga and mindfulness

This 1-hour program helps employees:

To practice simple yoga at the workplace
To practice simple yoga at home
To bring mindfulness into the workplace

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