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Even the best need a coach

Coaching enables cultural shifts withing the organization bringing an empowering leadership language. 

The most admired leaders today are not ‘born leaders’: in fact, they pause to reflect, take a hard look at their leadership impact and practice new leadership behaviors. Satya Nadella had a personal coach, read as many books as he could and understood himself with all his strengths and vulnerabilities. His effort yielded an authentic leadership style at Microsoft and a 3x growth share value.


Our 3-phase Coaching process

Leadership Quotient Assessment

Coaching begins with understanding the leader and teams in their current context. This includes input from the manager, surveys and psychological tools outlining the vision for success. We use a variety of psychometric tools such as Hogan, Lumina Spark, DISC and Engage Coach.


Aligning Purpose and Performance

We focus on the outer visible leadership style as well as the inner core to align with the leader's personal purpose and values.


Behavior Change and Habit Formation

In the final phase of coaching, the leader and teams experiment with new habits. They observe how the behavior change creates impact and evolves towards building the best self that they can be.

As a leading provider of scalable leadership solutions, our coaching programs are for individual leaders as well as teams of leaders that work together. We integrate the larger development plan of a leader to ensure that organizational imperatives are met through the intervention. We offer two coaching-based programs.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching or Leadership Coaching is a personalized journey of the individual leader which allows them to navigate change.

Coaching benefits employees by enhancing performance, skill, well-being, coping, work attitudes and goal-directed self-regulation.
A quality coaching relationship amplifies the leader’s work engagement and career satisfaction. It helps leaders craft and express vision.
Coaching focuses on the present, the here and now. The coach’s role is facilitating the potential of the client by being there, by nudging, by expanding the possibilities.
This allows the client to attempt new behaviors leading to more effective outcomes.
In fact, it is because the client completely owns the change and makes their own choices that the impact of coaching continues long after the coaching ends.

“Every famous athlete and performer has a coach, somebody who can watch what you are doing and give you perspective. A coach really helps.”


Coaching leadership teams is a unique offering from Reflexion that ensures the evolution of the entire team, creating a unified language and setting an example for the organization.

Coaching Teams

Coming together is a Beginning, Staying together is Progress,
And working together is Success.
-Henry Ford

Team Coaching combines the benefit of coaching with the energy of a group. There is space for learning through the combined strengths and areas of opportunity of the team members. A coach partners with the cohort to enable them to push beyond the present, to experiment, to plan, to anticipate challenges and be prepared to take them on.

Team Coaching facilitates:

An inquiry and awareness for what needs to change for the team

A safe space to explore avenues for both success and failure experiences.
Greater self-awareness for the team as a whole.
Leveraging the presence of a coach and the collective wisdom of the 'we'.

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